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Single Twist Hollow Tube, 1/2" ends

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Hollow tube baluster has 1/2" ends and may be used with the easy to install Zip Clip System.

44" Length



Satin Black:              Smooth, not textured, very slightly shiney, consistant in color throughout. (Most popular)   

Oil Rubbed Copper:   Best described as satin black with copper highlights on the edges. Smooth finish.

Flat Black:                 Consistant black color.Not smooth, but slightly course in texture. 

Oil RubbeBronze:   Brownish with copper/bronze smeared into it.

Antique Nickel:  Smooth and slightly shiney.

Gray Speckeled: Dimply smooth texture with gray coloring. 

Copper VeinDimply smooth texture with copper coloring.


Very pleased with this product. I had to trim both ends, and after trying a chop saw with abrasive blade and a rotary tool, I settled in on the good old hack saw, which worked remarkably well.
I like these. These are more rigid than I expected. I use these with the zip clips and was impressed at the design and how they work so good together.
These are so much nicer and cheaper than the big box stores.
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